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Morrilla + Fanfiction = ?

Lana: -blushes-
JMo: Hey I was wondering if... -stops and notices-
Lana: -giggles-
JMo: -raises an eyebrow-
Lana: -gasps-
JMo: LP, what are you reading on your phone?
Lana: -pauses- Um... uh...
JMo: -snatches phone out of her hand- Lemme see that... WOAH!
Lana: -turns beat red-
JMo: Fanfiction? Really? AND IT'S QUEEN SWAN?!
Lana: -looks down- It's actually Swan Queen...
JMo: -begins to read and gapes at the phone- OMG, we, you... oh.
Lana: Can I get my phone ba-
Lana: -looks at her and smirks-
JMo: -blushes profusely- I mean Emma...
Lana: Jen, can you-
JMo: Oh dear God, I did NOT expect that! WTH. What's going on?!
Lana: -sighs- I'll get my laptop. -leaves-
JMo: -gapes at the phone once more- -flips an imaginary table- OMG, WTF REGINA?! JUST KISS HER DAMMIT!

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